Whanau! You ate us out of ALL the Hāngi on Waitangi Day! So we have everything else but Hāngi today at Northwest.

But we're cooking in the world's first portable in ground Hāngi, in the Northwest Shopping Centre carpark, ALL WEEKEND! 

So come and see it for yourself.

Starting on FEB 1st 2020, The Maori Kitchen has relocated to the Food Court in the Northwest Shopping Centre, 1/7 Fred Taylor Drive, Westgate ›(Best entrance is Gunton Drive). Check out what's on offer on the MENU page. We look forward to seeing you soon whanau!

What we do

We serve authentic Hāngi, cooked traditionally, seven days a week, in downtown Auckland. We will have our own Hāngi pits on site so you can be part of this 1000 year old tradition.

What is Hāngi?

Traditionally, Māori cooked in a pit under the ground in ovens

called 'Hāngi'. In traditional Hāngi cooking, food such as fish and chicken, and root vegetables such as kumara (sweet potato), are cooked in a pit dug in the ground. ©

Northwest Shopping Centre

 1/7 Fred Taylor Drive, Westgate ›
(Best entrance is Gunton Drive)


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